Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Library Thing Saves The Day

Some people would classify by collecting of books as a sickness. I happen to have a great local library that has several large books sales every year. The majority of the had-cover books cost $1.50. During each sale, I make efforts to get there twice. I try to get there the first day to snag the most popular or rare books. I also go back on the last day when I can fill a paper grocery bag with books for only $6. I am quite good at packing it to fill every cubic inch of space without stressing the bag so much that it breaks.

Over the years, I have amassed hundreds of books, many of which I still have not had time to read. In fact, for several books, I have multiple copies. I have so many books, that it is difficult to keep track of the ones I already own. Luckily, I found a web site that helps me out. Library Thing makes it easy to enter and categorize my books.

I’ve test driven the site for a little over a week, and I like most everything I’ve seen. There are several methods for entering books. You can add a book by entering a book title, author, or ISBN. Library Thing searches a source, which you can specify, and presents the results. Clicking on one of the results adds that book to your library. Using a hand-held scanner, like CueCat, you can scan the ISBN on the dust jacket, so it isn’t even necessary to type a search string. They also provide a bookmarklet that works from within Amazon.com that adds the current book to your library. You can modify the books in your library by adding such things as tags, comments, and reviews.

Library Thing also provides a social networking aspect to book collecting. For example, you can see other libraries that most closely match your own. The tags that you and other users add to their books can be presented in a tag cloud give you instant insight into the individual. You can explore those libraries for other books you might be interested in reading or collecting.

I am so impressed with the site, that I purchased a lifetime membership for $25. The free account is limited to libraries of 200 books. Library Thing has over 240,000 members who have entered over 16,460,000 books. It seems that are many obsessed bibliophiles, like myself, who have found this site to be useful.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Free Cigar

All club members are invited to request a free cigar from Carlos ToraƱo Cigars while supplies last.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Club Hotline Added

If you have a comment about anything you've read or seen on this blog, please call The Diogenes Club Hotline. The phone number is 561.584.9084. Since club rules forbid talking inside the club, no one will be able to take your call, but please leave a detailed message. We want to hear whatever is on you mind. Do you agree with something you've read here or are we full of shit? Let us know.

The Thoughts of a Gore Lover

I wrote a short article on election night about Al Gore's legacy. I was pretty bummed about how the election was going, and I was lamenting how elections suck because of Al Gore. In any election a conservative has a chance of winning, Democrats will preemptively challenge the results. If the conservative does win, the results will be further challenged in court. Even if the Dems lose, they will create the impression the Republicans are corrupt racists. I attempted to suggest this is the new template following Al Gore's refusal to concede in 2000. Gore nearly stole the election then, but it amazes me how so many people claim today that it was Bush that stole the election.

I submitted the article to digg.com even though it wasn't well written. The blog is new, and I was just trying to generate a little traffic. Today, I saw my Digg had the following comment from a Gore lover.

I have great respect for Al Gore. More so after seeing An Inconvenient Truth. It demonstrated how intelligent, caring and prescient he is compared to those who don't like him. I hope he runs again in 08. We desperately need a president who cares about humans and the environment. What the greedy anti Gore people don't get is, all that money won't matter when the planet is destroyed. A side note: If I hear another stupid person say they NEED a new van or SUV because they "have children and need the room" I might hurt someone. I raised three children and had a car the size of a miata. Your children and their future children need clean air not an SUV. Learn the difference between want and need. Why is that so difficult to understand? If you want to be selfish at least own your selfishness. Don't blame the children for your bad choices.
It's funny because the comments don't address any of the points I tried to make in the post. I also want a new SUV. I guess that makes me a greedy, stupid, and selfish bastard. Better that than a Gore lover.

Google Rolls Out New Prank Call Feature

Google has added a great new feature to its Map product, one that was rumored a few months ago. Now, Google will call businesses that show up in local search results for you. After clicking on the call link, either in the results list or in a bubble, you are prompted to enter your phone number. Google calls you and the business, then connects both calls. Even if the business is located in another calling area, Google will provide the service to you for free.

I think this is a terrific feature, but I believe it will end up being abused. A few years ago, a co-worker of mine had fun playing a joke on the unlikable fellow in the next cubical using the office phone system. He called him, then transferred the call to a person down the hall before he answered. The result was both answered thinking the other person called them. We could hardly contain our laughter as the two tried to figure out what was going on. Back then, we didn't have this service. In fact, Google didn't even exist then. If it had, we might have connected that man to an escort service or to Weight Watchers.

I hope the pranksters don't make Google regret this. It's quite convenient.

The Easiest Disposable Email Address

2prong.com has the easiest solution I've seen for disposable email addresses. Simply go to the homepage, and a fresh email address is copied to the clipboard. The page polls for new mail at that address and displays it instantly when it arrives. Nifty!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Polish Exchange Student in US: My Half-Year of Hell With Christian Fundamentalists

I can only imagine how this poor kid felt. What a nightmare he must have lived with a family like that.

When Polish student Michael Gromek, 19, went to America on a student exchange, he found himself trapped in a host family of Christian fundamentalists. What followed was a six-month hell of dawn church visits and sex education talks as his new family tried to banish the devil from his soul. Here's his story.

Does the exchange program not check out host families? When matches are incompatible, do the exchange program not get the exchange students out immediately?

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I like it when someone you don't know calls you and leaves a voicemail. This is one of my favorites, courtesy of Carlos.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Al Gore's Horrible Legacy

We haven't heard much from Al Gore lately. Aside from the recent publicity tour for his soon-to-be Academy Award winning documentary, a trial balloon for a possible presidential run in 2008, and the hilarious ManBearPig episode of Southpark, he hasn't been on the radar. However, it is Election Day, and as it will be for every Election Day to come, Al Gore is here. His legacy is evident everywhere we look.

It is now routine to have armies of Lawyers ready to spring into action at the first hint of voting irregularities. The Democrats have a huge army ready to attack. The Republicans are ready with their own smaller legal team to address the challenges that will be lodged by the Dems. In response to this new Election Day atmosphere, the Justice Department has sent observers to polling places with the highest probability of discrimination claims. The Attorney General sent about 850 poll watchers to 69 jurisdictions in 22 states.

The impression today is that our elections are no more dependable than those in The Democratic Republic of the Congo or Nicaragua. Fraud is so rampant and massive, not even Jimmy Carter can insure its integrity.

A former South African caller to Michael Medved's radio show called to comment how ridiculous we look to the rest of the world. How dare we sent election inspectors to sanction elections when our own are so full of corruption.

According to some, it seems we've reverted back to the days of Jim Crow. Ted Kennedy attempts to stir up racial discord by claiming minorities are being thwarted in their attempts to vote, but the Department of Justice is not pursuing the perpetrators.

"I am also troubled that the Department’s failure to pursue claims of discrimination against minority voters has created the false impression that, as suggested by Department officials and stated in a report on CNN today, overt voting discrimination against minorities is no longer a serious problem."
Moveon.org announced that it is offering a quarter million dollar reward for evidence that leads to a criminal conviction of vote fraud. The implication is that the Republicans are the ones cheating.
$250,000 Reward for Evidence Leading to Vote Fraud Conviction
If you witness voting fraud, please send material evidence to voterfraud@moveon.org
There are already allegations of voter suppression on the part of the Democrats, but don't hold your breath for any payouts. If a payout happens it will only be for publicizing Republican fraud. We will hear stories like this and this from the MSM for many, many days whether they prove to be true or not. Perhaps we'll see a documentary highlighting them for the next election cycle.

I blame all of this madness on Al Gore. Refusing to concede defeat to Bush, Gore and his childish tantrum dragged the certification of the 2000 election out for weeks. Lawyers battled in courts in Florida, Georgia, and Washington D.C. until there was no time left to recount all the ballots in the state. Now, the Democrats follow the Gore template whenever they lose or may lose an election

Even though all the ballots in Florida were counted and recounted in all the silly ways imaginable, Bush won using every single method. To this day, however, voices continue to scream that Bush stole the election. Republicans stole the election.

This all set the tone for every future election, and it cemented in place a seething hatred for Bush that has subjected him to nonstop attack and ridicule by the libs. With the exception of the six short weeks following 9/11, Bush has endured criticism for everything he's done. According to his critics, he has done nothing right. One can only guess if the situation would be different in Iraq if we had all stood united.

The Democrat's platform has only one plank. Whatever Bush has done, they stand for the exact opposite. This is the only thing Democrats stand for now.

This environment of constantly attacking the president has bred an inconceivable number of conspiracy nut jobs who believe our own government assisted in the 911 plot. What has happened to us?

And while we engage in all this partisan bickering, while we defend every ridiculous attack, while we respond to offenses that never happened, our country's real enemies are smiling.

Thanks, Al Gore. I know you were disappointed, but I wish you had been gracious in defeat. You have transformed our peaceful and orderly transition of power into a big ugly legal clusterfuck. This is your legacy.

Hurry up global warming. Put us out of our misery before the Islamists do.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Our Guys in Irak Are Terrific

Hot Air received this photo from the world finest military men, the ones in Iraq.

With one banner, they show Kerry to be the total fool he is; So educated and nuanced, yet so inept at communicating that he can’t even “tell a joke” without botching it.

Hats off to these great soldiers.

(Click on the photo for a larger image.)

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