Friday, October 27, 2006

Camille Paglia Speaks

Salon interviews Camille Paglia after nearly a year's absense. I always look forward to reading what this woman has to say. Her assessment of the pushing of the Foley scandal by the Democratic Party is spot on.

And with the Democrats' record of sex scandals, what the hell were they thinking of? For heaven's sake, after we just got through the whole Clinton maelstrom! What Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky was far worse than any evidence I've seen thus far about what Foley did with these pages.
She had this to say Bill Clinton's recent explosion on Fox News.
It may have been mixed. It began as a challenge to the right-wing media, but I think Clinton got out of control and went embarrassingly too far. It was a perfectly civil and reasonable question from one of Fox's most neutral commentators. But Clinton went off on a tirade, waved his finger in Chris Wallace's face, and accused him of sitting there with a "smirk." That was over-personalizing the interview by any standard.
You can find the entire interview here at Salon.

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