Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Thoughts of a Gore Lover

I wrote a short article on election night about Al Gore's legacy. I was pretty bummed about how the election was going, and I was lamenting how elections suck because of Al Gore. In any election a conservative has a chance of winning, Democrats will preemptively challenge the results. If the conservative does win, the results will be further challenged in court. Even if the Dems lose, they will create the impression the Republicans are corrupt racists. I attempted to suggest this is the new template following Al Gore's refusal to concede in 2000. Gore nearly stole the election then, but it amazes me how so many people claim today that it was Bush that stole the election.

I submitted the article to even though it wasn't well written. The blog is new, and I was just trying to generate a little traffic. Today, I saw my Digg had the following comment from a Gore lover.

I have great respect for Al Gore. More so after seeing An Inconvenient Truth. It demonstrated how intelligent, caring and prescient he is compared to those who don't like him. I hope he runs again in 08. We desperately need a president who cares about humans and the environment. What the greedy anti Gore people don't get is, all that money won't matter when the planet is destroyed. A side note: If I hear another stupid person say they NEED a new van or SUV because they "have children and need the room" I might hurt someone. I raised three children and had a car the size of a miata. Your children and their future children need clean air not an SUV. Learn the difference between want and need. Why is that so difficult to understand? If you want to be selfish at least own your selfishness. Don't blame the children for your bad choices.
It's funny because the comments don't address any of the points I tried to make in the post. I also want a new SUV. I guess that makes me a greedy, stupid, and selfish bastard. Better that than a Gore lover.

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